Press Release | Celerative announces Company Rebrand, into ALTO - the Next Step in the Evolution of Work

Alto TeamAlto Team

Alto Team

PALO ALTO, CA - Dec. 20th, 2022

Celerative, a One-Stop Solution that helps global companies to Hire, Manage and Pay Remote Tech Workforce, today announced that is rebranding to Alto. Founded by two Argentinian entrepreneurs in Palo Alto, this unique venture seeks to revolutionize the way companies execute, hire, manage and pay software engineers from around the world. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and strategies, they are paving a bold new path for tech talent everywhere.

¨We rebuilt Alto to help global companies execute software projects, attracting the most ambitious talent from all over the globe. With our platform and products, companies can automate the complexities of sourcing, procuring, and supporting their teams.¨, said Juan Salas, Co-Founder of Alto. ¨Software engineering teams on demand is more than a tagline. Through this endeavor, we aim to outpace conventional software agencies and marketplaces in both speed and efficiency.¨ reinforces Pablo Baldomá Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Alto.

Alto is introducing a revolutionary new way of working that aims to reinforce our commitment to clients and tech talent, further invest in distributed teams with talented professionals, as well as provide the resources necessary for hiring without boundaries.

Since their founding in 2015, Celerative has enabled companies and individuals from over 30 countries across four continents to hire , manage and pay remote tech talent, with special focus in Software Engineering teams.

In 2017, they revolutionized the talent marketplace by introducing a managed platform that allows access to remote-only projects for anyone in the tech space.

As 2022 draws to a close, Celerative is unveiling an exciting rebranding into Alto that will provide the advantages of global collaboration to businesses and individuals around the world.

The following are the most essential changes as part of their rebranding:

  • The brand, naturally.

  • Their mission is to craft a global community of talented software engineers and digital experts who operate remotely. As a leading remote native engineering company, they focus in all aspects of the digital space.

  • Separating from their One-stop Solution, they pursued 3 unique Product strategies

    • As the leading brand, Alto will focus on the technology and talent community. They aim to be more than just a transactional and one-stop platform, but “a community that helps talents and clients come together,” shared Pablo Baldomá Jones, co-founder of the company.

    • AltoPay, to help with contract payment management in 160 countries.

    • AltoHire, taking things one step further by helping with the entire hiring process from start to finish.

Why Alto?

The word 'Alto' has dual meanings; it's the Spanish term for 'tall’, a reference to their Argentinean roots and passion for the mountain landscapes of the Argentinean Patagonia. Finally, it’s a homage to Palo Alto, California - where the company was born back in 2015.

About Alto

Alto is a Remote Native Software Engineering company and Community of talented people distributed all around the globe.


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Juan Salas - Co-Founder

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Pablo Baldoma Jones - Co-Founder

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