Why is ReactJS so widely used in 2023?

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Why is ReactJS so widely used in 2023?
ReactJs has become one of the most widely used JS libraries worldwide.

ReactJS is one of the most popular front-end development libraries worldwide. Its popularity is due to its wide range of benefits, making it an excellent choice for business web development projects.

React features a simple yet powerful component-based architecture that allows developers to create and build user interfaces (UI) quickly.

This tool offers excellent scalability and performance to businesses constantly searching for a scalable and adaptable architecture that gives them more flexibility while encouraging a more enjoyable user experience. React-based applications can handle large amounts of data and user traffic.

This instrument supports web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, making it a perfect choice for modern web development. Developers can use React and other tools to create unique web applications that meet the needs of their businesses.

ReactJS is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to maximize productivity and efficiency in their web development projects. React's features and scalability make it an excellent choice for any organization and a widely used framework among developers in 2023.

What Made ReactJS Popular Among Developers

1. Simplicity & performance

As we said before, ReactJS is a very easy tool for expert and amateur developers to read and use. Being a JavaScript library, developers familiar with JS features can start using React quite easily.

By using this library, programmers can define interfaces using JSX, a programming syntax similar to HTML. In short, the only preparation that ReactJS requires to be used is to be familiar with some main functions.

Internally, ReactJS uses techniques to minimize the DOM operations required to update the UI. Using React allows for generating a fast user interface without having to work a lot on optimizing its performance.

2. JSX

Any website works with HTML documents. Web browsers read these documents and display them on computers, tablets, and phones as web pages.

In this process, browsers create something called the Document Object Model (DOM), a branched representation of how the web page is organized.

Developers can add dynamic content to their projects by modifying the DOM with a programming language, such as JavaScript.

JSX (JavaScript eXtension) is a ReactJS extension that allows web developers to easily modify the DOM using simple, HTML-style code. JSX is compatible with any browser platform companies work with.

Using JSX to update the DOM allows for generating site performance improvements quickly and easily. This is key for any business since it does not cause friction in the user experience.

3. Virtual DOM

As we said before, the Document Object Model (DOM) is an essential part of the web because it divides it into modules and executes the code. In general, JavaScript Frameworks update the entire DOM at once, which causes slowness in the web application.

For example, if a website doesn't use ReactJS (and JSX), the entire DOM would have to be updated to reflect even a small change (such as a user comment), which increases computing power and load time, so which means it's slow and heavy.

In this sense, ReactJS uses a Virtual DOM, an exact copy of the real DOM. Developers use the Virtual DOM to see which parts of the real DOM should change when an interaction occurs (for example, when a user presses a button).

4. ReactJS Offers a Great DX

ReactJS has great developer experience (DX), so any development team or professional programmer will be happy to work with this tool.

The relatively fast development and a small API make for a great developer experience, which is rare with other coding tools.

The ReactJS API is easy to learn as it has a few new concepts. Developers hardly need to import plugins into the React library for it to return JSX.

Unlike traditional frameworks like Angular and Vue that power HTML, ReactJS uses HTML (JSX) within JavaScript. While Angular and Vue impose their own rules, React allows more conceptual use of JavaScript.

Another significant advantage of this tool is that it includes a create react app package, which allows programmers to start developing immediately.

5. ReactJS Talent Pool

ReactJs has become one of the most widely used JS libraries worldwide. In fact, this tool won an award for having the highest proportion of users than any other framework developed so far.

Using ReactJS is beneficial for any company. The advantages go beyond this tool’s benefits to digital products and users’ experience interacting with its UI.

According to The State of JS, React's retention rate is one of the highest of all coding tools. It has one of the largest developer communities in the world. This is great for many companies and startups, allowing relatively easy access to a large talent pool.

Companies like Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Amazon, Twitter, Uber, and many other technology companies use ReactJS to power the development of their digital products. For this reason, many developers get started on this tool daily.

6. State of Javascript 2021

The results of State of JavaScript already said it: ReactJS is the tool most used by companies and programmers to develop digital products.

The survey, carried out with 15,000 web developers, is quite clear. Although it does not reflect the totality of people who use programming tools, it allows ordering trends regarding JavaScript.

Why is ReactJS so widely used in 2023?
Usage (would use again + would not use again) of ReactJS, according to The State of JS.

In 2021, ReactJS became the most popular front-end framework for the fifth consecutive year, and its streak continues. The 80% usage rate is significant and much higher than any other framework used (next is Angular, with a 54% usage rate).

In Conclusion

In brief, React is a fantastic tool for developing webs and apps with simple, bite-sized components. One of React's finest features is its control over the state of the components.

It is expected that in 2023 ReactJS will keep assisting programmers in creating simpler, smaller, and more scalable code.

As a top-notch front-end programming tool, ReactJS is ideal for building and developing a single-page or multipage web application. At Alto, we have a skilled group of ReactJS developers that have completed several successful projects thanks to its benefits.