The Importance of Fostering a Positive Company Culture: Insights from Felipe de Stefani on Alto's Zebra 3, 2, 1 Podcast

Pablo Baldomá JonesPablo Baldomá Jones

Pablo Baldomá Jones

Alto's new Zebra 3, 2, 1 Podcast features an Interview with Warner Bros' Felipe de Stefani on The Importance of Culture in Business

Alto's new Zebra 3, 2, 1 podcast has debuted with an insightful interview featuring Felipe de Stefani, Head of Marketing for Warner Bros Discovery Latin America and Country Manager for Warner Bros. Discovery Argentina. In the conversation, de Stefani shared his strategies for building a strong corporate culture in an organization with over 1000 employees in Argentina and his insights on the importance of culture in a company's corporate strategy.

De Stefani emphasized that culture is just as important as strategy, as a solid corporate culture can help drive the success of a company's strategy. In contrast, a weak one can hinder progress.

To foster a strong corporate culture, de Stefani recommended:

  • Implementing a unique and distinctive corporate vision,
  • Promoting innovation through design thinking programs; and
  • Utilizing cross-functional resource strategies to generate new projects.

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De Stefani also cautioned against two strategies that did not work well for him when it came to scaling a company's culture.

  • Firstly, he pointed out that values cannot simply be copied and pasted into a PowerPoint presentation but must be authentic and rooted in the company's own culture.
  • Secondly, he stressed the importance of executives being willing to listen and address issues that arise in the organization rather than just seeking solutions.

As for future plans, de Stefani mentioned his ambition to implement a joint program with venture capital to drive innovation and bring together public and private companies.

The Zebra 3, 2, 1 podcast provides an opportunity to learn from experienced business leaders like de Stefani and gain valuable insights on building a strong corporate value. Listeners can expect practical tips and effective strategies for fostering a solid corporate culture and a unified corporate vision.

At Alto, we are passionate about helping companies scale with technology and analyzing how other factors can aid in scaling organizations. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on "Scaling with Data," "Impact," "Compensation," and more.

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