How Data Culture Can Help Companies and Startups Scale: A Conversation with Fredi Vivas on Alto's Zebra 3, 2, 1

Pablo Baldomá JonesPablo Baldomá Jones

Pablo Baldomá Jones

In this episode of Altro's Zebra 3, 2, 1 podcast, we interview Fredi Vivas, CEO and founder of RockingData, a company specializes in data. Vivas is the author of the book "How Machines Think." During the conversation, he shares strategies for establishing a data culture in organizations and insights on how data, artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning can help companies scale quickly.

According to Vivas, data science and artificial intelligence can be used to understand patterns and analyze large data sets. He believes that a company's data is its "main asset" and that algorithm built from that information can turn it into useful insights.

To foster a data culture in organizations, Vivas recommends:

  1. Using data intelligently to understand non-obvious benefits and insights.
  2. Democratizing data, allowing other sectors of the organization to access and use it to understand behavior.
  3. Training C-level managers in data analysis so that they can leverage it and turn it into useful information.

Vivas also recognizes two strategies that did not work well for him when it came to scaling a company:

  1. Instead of training all personnel in data management, train them in the management of data that aligns with the specific needs and functions of their sector.
  2. Avoid implementing Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence at "any cost," at least until mastering simpler or manual mechanisms, such as testing.

Regarding challenges in implementation, Vivas aims to take full advantage of the generative capacity of artificial intelligence. However, he acknowledges that many people have FOMO (fear of missing out) on this wave, which can block the execution of projects.

The Zebra 3, 2, 1 podcast provides the opportunity to listen to stories from founders or global managers who have successfully scaled their companies. At Alto, we are passionate about helping companies scale with technology and analyzing how other factors can help them meet their operational objectives. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on "Impact," "Compensation," and more.

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