Celerative is now Alto!

Alto TeamAlto Team

Alto Team

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We changed.

We are very excited to announce that Celerative is now Alto!

At Celerative, we have been aiding corporations and startups in over 30 countries across four continents since 2015. Whether it be global companies or local entities, our team is dedicated to assisting them with scaling their software engineering teams.

In 2017, our platform was released as a managed talent marketplace for remote-only projects. This allowed us to democratize access and make it easier for contractors to find clients. Two years later, we unveiled the payment tool itself in 2019 - but that's only the beginning!

This is more than just a simple logo redesign; it signifies an entirely new way of working for our partners and us.

Who We Are

Our Vision
Build the optimal experience in connecting cross-border jobs and talent.

Our Mission
To boost talent and personal growth by using technology and data.

Our Values

  • Reduce uncertainty using data and transparency
  • Be a vehicle of personal growth
  • Honor our global culture
  • Promote happiness and well-being
  • Foster meaningful relationships
  • Be in permanent motion
  • We challenge ourselves to be better

We strive to enhance our engagement with companies and skilled remote tech talent.

These are the essential changes:

  • Our brand, naturally. We long for a label that aptly mirrors our values and choices.
Our new logo
  • Identity: At Alto, we want to be more than a one-stop platform. We want to be a community that helps experts and clients come together.

Why Alto?

The word 'Alto' has dual meanings; it's the Spanish term for 'tall’, a reference to our Argentinean roots and our passion for the mountain landscapes of the Argentinean Patagonia. Finally, it’s a homage to Palo Alto, California - where our company was born back in 2015.

Pablo & Juan, Co-founders @ Alto
We built Alto to help global companies execute software projects, attracting the most ambitious talent from all over the globe. With our platform and products, companies can automate the complexities of sourcing, procuring, and supporting their teams.
Juan & Pablo, Co-founders @ Alto

Welcome to Alto ⛰️!

Check out goalto.io to learn more about what's ahead for us.