Remote Native Software Engineers in 39 countries

We are a Software Engineering company and a Community of talented people focusing on the digital space.
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Since 2008 we have done nothing but work and specialize in Software Engineering

Alto refers to ¨high¨ in Spanish. It also refers to Palo Alto, California, where the company was founded, even though the two co-founders are from the other side of the planet, Argentina.

We built Alto to help global companies execute software projects, and source and retain the best talent all over the globe. With our platform and products, companies can automate the complexities of implementing, sourcing, procuring, and supporting their teams.

Juan & Pablo, Co-founders

We want to help you grow, minimizing friction, in an accelerated way and focused on your business

Although we are a community, we base our growth on our platform and suite of digital products as an Operating System around the execution of software projects.

Help our customers grow

Help them in their transformation process, to maximize growth and efficiency

Democratize access to the best projects

Connect Mission-driven Engineers with Innovative Companies around the globe

Drive a Global Impact

Work with global brands, making an impact on industries and the world

What we believe in

The safer and more effective solution to expand your Team.

We help you to hire Certified and Mission-Driven Devs, totally risk-free.

AltoTraditional Software ShopsMarketplaces

Certified Talent Pool

Handle the Entire Development Lifecycle

Liquid Workforce

No upfront costs.

Payroll, tax, and legal compliance

We had the opportunity to scale our software team operations with engineers from the Alto Talent Pool. Experienced developers helped us a lot to build our app and grow our business. We have worked with Alto since 2017, and they are always willing to help, they are great partners.
Larry Cotter
CEO - Muuv Labs
With Alto, we were able to find talented developers in a matter of weeks or days instead of months. The quality of their certified talent is extremely high as the developers can immediately onboard and ramp incredibly fast.
Pedro Di Risio
Director - Havas

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim for full transparency for all parts. If anything remains unclear or if you have a question not covered in this FAQ’s, please send us a message, and we will happily get you the answers you need.

Which companies are best suited for Alto?
Our target customers are tech companies with 20-500 employees. Anyways we've also had success stories with startups, scaleups, non profits and corporations in more than 20 countries. If you're unsure if Alto is right for your business, reach out to us and we can chat. Let´s talk so we can share some of our success cases.
Where are the experts located?
With our global network of over +10,000 certified tech developers in various time zones - from the US to Europe and Asia – we've got you covered. Additionally, you can request members who live close to your area so they're within reach or if you'd prefer to collaborate in-house.
Who owns the Intellectual Property of the produced work?
Any Intellectual Property produced by the collaboration and tracked within the platform is protected by contract and owned by the customer. We seamlessly integrate with the most popular project management platforms, so the collaboration and tracking are virtually transparent.
Should we interview each of the team members?
We have a multi-step talent certification process that assesses both technical skills and soft skills. To streamline the process, we don't promote redundancy by doing additional interviews. We also guarantee that the assigned profiles are ideal for the client's needs because they match the initial acceptance criteria.
How do I select the team for my project?
We believe applying filters to a database is not good enough when choosing something as important as the right people for your project. Instead, we use a combination of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and human curating to find the optimal fit.